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Phantom Entertainment has been providing party rentals, inflatables, and mechanical bulls for Baltimore for almost 35 years. Whether you need a moon bounce, obstacle course, or even a mobile zip line , call Phantom Entertainment today.

Party rentals are a large part of successful party events in Baltimore. Although some party supplies can be purchased at local places in Carlisle, it's not realistic to purchase items like inflatables, mechanical bulls, casino party rentals, mobile zip lines, mini golf courses, tents, carnival games, and other fun items every time you host an event.

Phantom Entertainment offers a unique and huge selection of inflatables that can bring a lot of excitement and fun to your next event in Baltimore. Moon Bounce and Bounce house rentals are a great way to provide continuous fun and excitement for the younger guests. There are inflatable party rentals and inflatable games for almost any theme or sport. You can even find bounce houses that combine many of the different elements into one fun unit.

Interactive inflatable games, photo novelties, and other fun activities will definitely make your event more exciting and thrilling. Why choose Phantom Entertainment of Baltimore? Phantom Entertainment has been around for years and continues to be one of the best Party Rental companies in the area. Choose Phantom Entertainment of Baltimore and we’ll bring the amusement park to you!


Inflatable Games

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Obstacle Courses

Competition Games High-End Competition Games
4 or More Players High-End 4 or More Players Interactive Activities
Small Inflatables Just For Kids Super Slides
Water Slide Moon Bounces Combos

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are great inflatable party rentals for fun or competiton.
Generally, our inflatable party obstacle courses allow 2 people at a time
to race through the obstacles and challenge each other.

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7 Element
Backyard Obstacle
inflatable party rental
Dragon's Gate
Pirate's Cove
Western Roundup
Rattler Run
Adrenaline Rush
Football Frenzy
The Edge 

Single Snake


Extreme X
Obstacle Course


X Factor
Obstacle Course

vertical rush

Vertical Rush
Obstacle Course



inflatable game

Surfer X Beach Themed Obstacle Course

tropical obstacle

Tropical Obstacle Course (Wet or Dry)

Competition Games

Competition games are great for all ages. Most games are for two players
but we do have some games that are more than two. The competition games
rank among the most popular inflatable party rentals that we offer. Most competition
games are for 2 people but some allow more participants.

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gladiator joust

Gladiator Joust

Ladder Climb
Sports Challenge
2 Lane Bungee Run

Off W/ Your Head
Hockey - Off W/ Your Head
3 Lane Bungee Run

Laser Tag
Extreme 2

Criss Cros

Criss Cross 
Bouncy Boxing

Air Bunker Ball

arrow attack

Arrow Attack



Bubble Bowling

paintball arena

Paint Ball



What inflatable are you looking to rent?

High-End Competition Games

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rent a mechanical bull
Mechanical Bull

mechanical bull rentals

Dual Mechanical Bulls
inflatable party rental


log slammer

Log Slammer



Surf Machine

snowboard mountain



Whirling Wizards


Real Paintball


Air Bunker Ball


Harley The Hog

Laser Tag
Extreme 2

Rock Walls
Hard Rock Wall

vertical rush

Vertical Rush

Tub Racers
"Go" Racers

arrow attack

Arrow Attack


Running Man

There is nothing quite like the Running Man Inflatable. Three players use
paintball style markers shooting foam balls at one person who is trying
to get to the other side of the unit and back without getting hit. This is
a great inflatable party rental for private parties.

4 or More Players

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Wrecking Ball
Rapid Fire
3D Twister
Super Twister

Race To The Top

Laser Tag
Extreme 2

 Wacky Trikes


Real Paintball

log slammer

Log Slammer




arrow attack

Arrow Attack

High-End 4 or More Players

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Monkey Motion

Water Tag



Laser Tag UFO
Foam Dance Pit  

Laser Tag
Extreme 2


Real Paintball

log slammer

Log Slammer
Human Foosball



arrow attack

Arrow Attack


Xtreme Laser Tag System
Our Laser Tag Xtreme System can handle 8 to 10 players and is
completely computer based with real time scoring.


Interactive Activities

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big baller

Big Baller

QB Blitz
soccer challenge
Soccer Challenge
Velcro Wall

Slam N Jam 
Bouncy Boxing
Kick X

Full Court Press

Human Bowling



log slammer

Log Slammer

Are you looking for amusement rides or
carnival games? Click here for those.

Small Party Inflatables

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Speed Pitch
Inflated Skeeballs
T-Ball Extreme
Mini Hoops

Just For The Kids

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pirate ship 

Pirate Ship Adventure

Jurassic Adventure
Oceanland Adventure 
Safari Adventure

Circus Train

Rodeo Playground




Dry Slides

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Giant Slide

Tropical water slideTropical Slide

dragon slide

Dragon Slide

Excalibur Slide

Water Slide

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wipeout slide

Wipeout Slide

super splash

Super Splash
Double Water Slide
jungle slide and splash
Jungle Slide
and Splash
Tropical water slide
Tropical Water Slide


Surf Slip n Slide




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Moon Bounces


Football Bounce

Crayon Bounce

Prince Bounce

Princess Bounce

Ladybug Bounce

Sports Bounce

Western Bounce

Jungle Bounce

Fun Jump


space saver moon bounce

Space Saver
(8ft height)

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Pirate Ship


slide combo


We'll bring the amusement park to you.

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We know how important your next event is to you. We have been providing entertainment for all types of celebrations including college events, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduation parties, Post prom parties, church events, Corporate parties and picnics, private parties and much more since 1979. We strive to provide the best entertainment for every event.