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The Bank Vault

Phantom Entertainment’s The Bank Vault escape room is now available as a Virtual Event.

This is designed specifically for Colleges and Universities.

Each Virtual Escape room has a unique video that tells the story of the room.
After watching the story video, you are taken to the 360 degree view of the escape room
where you will move around the room using the feet on the floor.
You will click on items for a larger view to solve the clues to escape.

There is no time limit to get through the escape room and any number of players can
play at one time.

Below is the demo from the Castle of Horrors Virtual Escape Room
Walk around the room using the "feet" on the floor. You can click on items BUT
no actual clue is given in the demo below. It is just to show you how you will walk around looking for clues.

Students can play individually at their own leisure. They move around the Bank in a 360 degree view searching for clues to “break into the safe and get out before the cops arrive”. They can click on objects to see up close images and clues.

First the player will watch a video that tells the story about this escape room and gets them started.
They will then navigate around in 360 degree rooms while hunting for clues. Arrows on the floor help them move around the room. Using the clues they find, they move
to the next level as they search to find that final answer that gets them into the safe and out of the room.


You will be given a code and a link to provide to the students. All you need to do is email them the login information
or post the login information on your student activities website. It’s easy for you and another great way for
students to connect during this strange time.

There will be a leader board showing the top scores from all the schools and colleges who have played the game.

For the price, the site will remain open to play for 3 days. Students can play any time of the day or night.



We'll bring the amusement park to you.

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