Arrow attack Team


Imaging playing a game that's similar to a real life Hunger Games or maybe you like Live Action Roll Playing

arrow attack field

That's the idea behind Arrow Attack.

Arrow Attack is a multi-player game played very similar to Laser Tag.
Two teams of up to 6 players are set up on opposite sides of the
Arrow Attack course. The objective is to either eliminate all the
players on the opposite team by hitting them with an arrow
or be the first time to knock down the other team's
Fortress Flags.

arrrow attack arrow attack

arrow attack

arrow attack arrow attack

The arrows are completely safe with lar-ge rubberized foam heads.
Masks and arm guards are included as well as the bunkers,
special safe arrows, and bows

Arrow Attack can even be done under blacklight with glowing arrows and masks.

Arrow Attack is played in an area the size of a standard basketball Court
and can be played indoors or outside.

The diagram below shows how the course would be positioned if
played on a basketball court .

arrow attack course

Each team would have 3 Fortress Flags that they are protecting. Once one
of the teams shoots down all three Fortress Flags, that team is the winner.


No Electricity is required (unless set-up for a blacklight event)

Dimensions: 50ft x 90ft area

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