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air bunker ball

Air Bunker ball is like Paintball, without the mess.

air bunker ball

Air Bunker Ball is a multi-player game including paintball Style markers, head gear, paintball style bunkers, team vests, and lots of foam balls to shoot at your opponents.

For outdoor use, the playing field can be set-up with or without the huge inflatable arena.

air bunker players

For indoor use, the playing field can be set-up in a room or gym without the need
for an arena. Since the balls are foam, similar to nerf balls, they can't do any damage
to walls or furniture.

air bunker guns

Air Bunker Ball will surely be the next big Hit.

Great for adults and safe for kids.

air bunker kids 3

air bunker field

This is available for rental today!

Dimensions: Outdoors 60ft W x 100ftL

Dimensions: Indoors can vary and fit just about anywhere.

Requires 1 AC Circuit without inflated arena
Requires 4 AC circuits with inflated arena





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