Safari Adventure

Safari Adventure

Safari Adventure play center takes participants on a full-scale safari experience, all in one central play structure. Imaginations can go "wild" as kids can choose to ride in a camouflage, all-terrain vehicle, or run under a tunnel of elephant tusks. Spend time with an African lion, running under his mesh-tunnel belly, or playing tag under trees with friendly giraffes. Always a crowd favorite, this Safari Adventure bouncy house meets everyone's love of adventure with it's own rainbow slide and contains plenty of jumping room.

This unit is primarily for kids ages 3 to 12. Although a limited number of adults
could go on the unit, it is not really meant for adults.

Unit is priced at $1600/up to 4 hrs

Check out the Excalibur Castle or the Tiki Island Playlands instead

No package discounts are available for this unit.

Dimensions: 31' x 31' x 16'H and requires 2 power circuits

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