Virtual Events

Bear Stuffing at Home


We will send 120 Bears (or other type of animal) directly to the students
along with a vacuum packed fluff pack and a wishing star.

We will also proivde a link if they would like to print their own birth certificate for their
new stuffed friend.

The program is simple. Instead of any fancy contracts, we would just invoice the school for payment. With payment of the invoice, we will provide the school with a special link to our website that will be specifically for their school.

(Unfortunately check in advance or credit card but no purchase orders
or payment after the event date)

The students will click the link, fill in their name and address..
The only work that the school needs to do is to get the word out to the students to click the provided link. You could send out an email to your students with the link or simply place the link on one of your web pages when you wanted to make the program active.

Packages available:
The only package available at the moment is for 120 bears BUT you can order as many
of the 120 bear packages as you need.

Once 120 people click the link and submit their info, the system will no longer accept entries. The system also will only let each person get one animal, so it has some built in safeguards so that truly 120 individual people can do it.

We are also offering

Virtual Online Escape Rooms

Photo Mugs

Name Art

Mouse pads

Dry Erase Boards

Scrabble Drink Coasters.

We'll bring the amusement park to you.

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