COVID-19 - Pandemic Response Statement


We will always put safety as our number one priority at Phantom Entertainment and this does not change with our COVID-19 / Pandemic response. We still uphold our promise to provide you with the best entertainment that we always have in the safest possible way. Utilizing the CDC guidelines, we have implemented some common practices to reduce the spread / contamination of the virus COVID-19.

  1. Hand Sanitizing Stations will be provided for any event where direct contact between hands are exchanged. (IE: the handles of our zipline) Participants are required to sanitize their hands before touching any equipment of ours.
  2. In situations where crowd control is needed, we provide coned social distance signage directly in front of our novelties and attractions to adhere to the recommended 6’ guideline.
  3. We also provide sanitizing wipes and sprays to clean our equipment between participants in situations where more than just hand sanitizing is needed to provide a safe experience.
  4. All associates are temperature checked daily and are required to report any variance in illnesses before coming into work.
  5. All associates are required to wear face masks (properly) while interacting with anyone that comes within 6’ of them. If close contact is required by the attraction, participant, and the associate; then the associate will be wearing their mask during the event.
  6. All associates are provided with their own hand sanitizer to consistently cleanse their hands in case they need to touch or interact with equipment that may or may not interact with the participant.

This list / response will be updated as new information is provided to us by the CDC and the state. We continue to update and innovate new ways of maintaining a safe and entertaining experience for everyone.


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